Miguel Alcalá

Ui/Ux Designer, Interaction Designer
and Front-End Developer

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and Front End Developer

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Miguel Alcalá

Interaction Designer

Ux & Ui Designer

Currently working as a Full-Stack Designer at HBO Max

"Design adds value faster than it adds costs" -  Joel Spolsky

Moving Pa'lante | HBO Max

Role: Full Stack Designer

Gossip Girl | HBO Max Originals

Role: Full Stack Designer

HBO Max Astrology Quiz

Role: Full Stack Designer

HBO Max Comfort Zone Quiz

Role: Full Stack Designer

Dentist Austin, TX | Peak Dental

Role: Developer

Lovejoy & Numbers | Bookkeeping Services

Role: Designer/Developer

filmia | Free Public Domain Movies

Role: Designer/Developer

Calcerrada | Worldwide Trading

Role: Designer/Developer

Oriane Legrand | Translator

Role: Designer/Developer

Rachel Green | Reporter and Journalist

Role: Designer/Developer

Hi! I'm Miguel

I am a full-stack designer based in New York City. Born and raised in Spain, I have a Master's degree in graphic design. I also have a degree in business administration.

If you asked me when I was a kid what I wanted to do when I grew up, I  would have always given you a different answer: painter, writer, movie maker. But all of them have had something in common: creativity. Imagining and creating something new from scratch has always been special to me.

I' m a full stack designer.
That makes me a unicorn, right?

User Experience Design

Understanding the specifics of the project and its objectives is the first step to success. I make wireframes, sitemaps, strategic contents, user journeys, etc.

User Interface Design

This is why I do what I do. I love to create beautiful and clean user interfaces. I do moodboards, style tiles, high-fi mockups, and interactive prototypes

Interaction Design

I use After Effects and Webflow Interactions to create custom animations that perfectly fit the desires of each client

Front End Developer

I really enjoy developing my own designs from scratch. I can code it by hand or with Webflow

Check out my design process.
Relax and enjoy!

Although I love hand coding,
I also like creating sites with Webflow

1- Navigation Bar

How to build a website with Webflow. 1/6

2- Hero Section

How to build a website with Webflow. 2/6

3- Jobs Section

How to build a website with Webflow. 3/6

4- Services Section

How to build a website with Webflow. 4/6

5- About Section

How to build a website with Webflow. 5/6

6- Contact Section

How to build a website with Webflow. 6/6

Some work that I'm proud of.
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